Regional Workshop 2 “How energy data can influence Sustainable Energy Action Plans and partner collaboration for observatories”

  • Workshop objective: Highlight the regional energy observatory and its use in monitoring SEAPs for Local Authority, also, looking to create a collaboration agreements
  • Target group: Association of Irish Energy Agencies
  • Method: Presentation, followed by Q&A and discussion

On Thursday 02/07/2015 Jonathan Griffin (CKEA) presented a workshop to The Association of Irish Energy Agencies (AIEA) on the Data4ction project.

Partner Collaboration

Partner collaboration is crucial to the success of the Observatory, it is key for the project to build an effective partnership with stakeholders to gather energy data for the Observatory.

The data4action project will aim to:

Provide a platform to enable stakeholders to SHARE Energy Data to improve sustainability!

  • Support knowledge transfer and replication in other European regions;
  • Holistic approach to sharing energy data between utilities and industry to improve public authorities’ access to energy data for a better design and monitoring of SEAPs;
  • Actively demonstrate energy data exchange collaboration models that are currently ‘in action’ in the twelve European partner regions;
  • Real time data available on the Regional Energy Observatory, which through the partners’ collaboration will be constantly evolving and improving the Observatory dashboard information for all;
  • Effectively mobilise public authorities and energy data providers in a win-win partnership.


Data4Action Presentation_AIEA

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